Let’s Babble About Towers

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Like many of you, I just saw the new “Beauty and the Beast” and it gave me castle and tower fever. Though I’m not totally into the spire-look, I do respect a well-done tower. Not to mention, I love diving into interesting aspects of the home, especially those which are functional and charming.

A theme I’ve unintentionally adopted over the last month or two has been traits that make you “look up” or “take you to great heights.” So, whether it’s been about balconies, tree houses or magnificent staircases, I love anything you can look down from, and anything that can make a house more than just a house.

Basically a drastic and oversized balcony, I consider towers dramatic and intriguing additions to the home. Depending on where the large structure extends, it can be the center and foundation of the home, or perhaps an attachment overlooking the pool area out back, or a corner tower, overlooking the streets below. Lofty and quaint, tower additions are great for offices, studios, playrooms or libraries (maybe not quite like Belle’s library, but close).

I’ve seen modern homes that are towers themselves, no extra branches or extensions, and their stand-alone style exudes independence and simplicity. You’ve seen those cabins on Pinterest, which are tall, skinny houses full of windows; those are great little getaways and give you the option to stay down below in the comfort of the ground-level living room, or take yourself upstairs to be among the trees.

To take it a step further, towers can even have their own balconies. At the very top, it would draw people upward as they marvel at the wrap-around porch so high in the air. Towers come in various shapes: circular, square and pointed are the most common. Circular is more cottage, while square is modern, and pointed towers lean toward Victorian drama.

So, high-up towers work great as sunrooms, as they are often full of windows. On the other hand, these special escapes work as personal observatories, so be sure to designate a spot upstairs for a telescope and constellation diagram.

The best thing about towers is that they tend to be a transportation device to another place and time. For certain tower styles, you may feel you’re on the beachfront, and for others, you may feel like a queen overlooking your kingdom. Towers are magnificent avenues to feeling like royalty in your own home.

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