Pining Over Pinterest Finds

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This week, I thought I’d take a moment to pull together some unique and interesting design ideas I’ve come across on Pinterest. We’re getting more creative these days, reusing and recycling materials, more specifically rustic woods and metals. Flooring, wall decor, ceilings and lighting are being transformed with radical design concepts. I’ll fill you in on some of my favorites, … Read More

Southern Design In Mind

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As a southerner, I’ve found it intriguing over the years to see “southern design” at the top of trends lists for interior decorating — sometimes even exterior. When you think of a “proper southerner,” a few things may come to mind, such as hospitality, good home cooking or country-like scenery (on a broader scale, nature). These are thought of as … Read More

Reclaimed Wood Is A Trend Toward Good

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A very common trend right now is rustic-chic. You know, that natural, woodsy look weaved in with modern conveniences. I know I’ve mentioned Millennials’ tendencies to lean toward these natural materials, but it’s not just the younger age groups; I’m noticing it more and more throughout all generations. Reclaimed wood is proving to be a useful, practical and chic design … Read More