Sunroom Design Secrets

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In Texas, where it gets cold late and hot early, we have to come up with some ways to truly enjoy the outdoors without being miserable. We have these wonderful but small windows of time, which we take advantage of under our backyard pergolas and by the poolside mini bars, but what about those days when it’s not worth it … Read More

A Great Sunroom Design Beats Fall Gloom

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It’s that time again. The days are getting shorter and the air cooler. Colorful leaves and scenery will soon surround us, and in Texas, we all know how giddy we get when the temperature just drops below 80. Well, I’ve already mentioned in my previous article about pergolas, which are basically an outdoor extension of the home. I’d like to … Read More

Bask In The Sunroom | Dallas, TX

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It’s hard to imagine ever being cold again when it’s 100 degrees outside, but…winter is coming. And a cure for the winter blues? A sunroom. You’ve heard of the greenhouse effect, I’m sure. Put simply, in a sunroom the sunlight passes through the glass windows, heats the ground, warming the air inside which cannot escape the room, and you have … Read More