Fixing Up A Modern Farmhouse

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I don’t even need to say Chip and Jo’s full names in order to catch readers’ attention, as almost everyone in Texas (and outside of Texas) know who Chip and Joanna Gaines are from their hit HGTV show, “Fixer Upper.” The Texas couple, who are from Waco, own and operate a remodeling and design business called Magnolia Homes. Through their … Read More

Turning old house into new home

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Building and designing your own home has its many benefits, from customizing everything to being in full control beginning to end. Starting from scratch with a design is a worthy challenge and brings out a homeowner’s creativity, but there’s also a lot to be said for taking an old home and making it new again. This week, I’d like to … Read More

Mother’s Day Remodel

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As Mother’s Day rolls around, our minds drift to the ones we love who raised us, the women who have sacrificed time, money and sleep to make us happy and healthy individuals. If there are ways to make a mother’s life easier and more enjoyable, we should consider making those changes. In other words, we should make our own sacrifices. … Read More

Remodeling Apps For Your Home Projects

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Our everyday lives, whether personal or professional, are in constant need of organization. That’s why we have lists, calendars, reminders, alarms and apps to get us through each day. Now, imagine how much more help a person needs during a chaotic remodel. In efforts to help clients stay as sane as they can through what can be a stressful and … Read More

Couples Remodeling: It takes two to make remodeling go right

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Editor’s note: The Dallas Bridal Show is Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 28-29 at Dallas Market Hall. Our weekly columnist, remodeling expert Stephan Sardone chimes in with considerations about life after the altar. This weekend is the Dallas Bridal Show and over the years we’ve seen happy couples, newlyweds included, suffer through the remodeling process and we just want to help. … Read More

Stuff the turkey and yourself, not your dining room design

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The holidays are back; after Halloween, they sort of hit like dominoes. During this time of year, almost every single room in the house is equally important. Having enough bathrooms and bedrooms for guests, a comfortable living room for entertaining, a spacious and functional kitchen and lastly, a dining room where everyone can gather to inhale substantial amounts of food … Read More

Metal can take the heat and keep ‘cool’

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This week, I’d like to talk about a versatile material that might be worth the investment: metal. Though this all-purpose commodity can be a bit pricey, it could be an appropriate leap, as it’s not only durable, easy to clean and functional, but it can take on just about any design taste. Over time, metal has gone from an accent … Read More

Baby Boomers know what they want

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We’re seeing some trends in homebuilding and remodeling regarding the famous generation called Baby Boomers. It’s interesting to see the trends this group is leaning toward, and I’d like to shed some light on those. Baby Boomers seem to either be “aging in place” or downsizing. As many are now empty-nesters with kids off to school or moving out, they … Read More

Cooking In An Outdoor Kitchen Means Summer Fun

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Father’s Day is coming up; that means the weather is heating up. A great way to show dad how much you appreciate him would be to create an outdoor kitchen for those summer cookouts and pool parties. You may have limited outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean your possibilities are limited. First, determine the essential elements you want to include … Read More