Post-Flood Repairs And Remodeling

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In light of the recent cluster of thunderstorms, I wanted to cover something I’m sure a lot of people have experienced as a result of the heavy rain: flooding and damage. Over the years, I’ve come to know a thing or two about typical household damage you may find after a torrential rain. Water can harm your house in many … Read More

Staycation Inspiration

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Summer is upon us, and we’re all getting into vacation mode. Everyone I know is buying tickets, booking hotel rooms and taking time off. Me? I’m reminiscing about vacations past, making checklists of where we’ve been and a new list of where we’d like to go. Like everyone else, though, I often feel remorse, nostalgia and longing for those days … Read More

Let’s Babble About Towers

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Like many of you, I just saw the new “Beauty and the Beast” and it gave me castle and tower fever. Though I’m not totally into the spire-look, I do respect a well-done tower. Not to mention, I love diving into interesting aspects of the home, especially those which are functional and charming. A theme I’ve unintentionally adopted over the … Read More

Before You Walk Down the Aisle Consider A Backyard Remodel

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I was inspired when I saw so many couples at the recent Dallas Bridal Show looking around at the different vendors. I wondered, do these couples have somewhere to go home to post-honeymoon? If they do, great. But what shape is it in? Did they spend all their money on the wedding? Do they still have time to make some … Read More

Consider A Backyard Wedding Getaway

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After having the pleasure to host a booth at the Dallas Bridal Show a couple of weeks ago, I felt inspired to put a spin on the remodeling process and discuss backyard weddings. The great thing about backyard weddings is that you get a mild remodel in the process. Or maybe not so mild, depending on the bride’s preferences. Regardless, … Read More