Staycation Inspiration

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Summer is upon us, and we’re all getting into vacation mode. Everyone I know is buying tickets, booking hotel rooms and taking time off. Me? I’m reminiscing about vacations past, making checklists of where we’ve been and a new list of where we’d like to go. Like everyone else, though, I often feel remorse, nostalgia and longing for those days … Read More

Celebrate Earth Day With A Rooftop Renovation

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Earth Day Texas is a huge event and exhibition each year. It’s impossible NOT to be inspired by the involvement of the community in such an important initiative. It had me thinking about the outdoors and ways we can be more green in our everyday lives, which led me to rooftop and/or balcony gardens. First of all, what is more … Read More

Mother’s Day Remodel

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As Mother’s Day rolls around, our minds drift to the ones we love who raised us, the women who have sacrificed time, money and sleep to make us happy and healthy individuals. If there are ways to make a mother’s life easier and more enjoyable, we should consider making those changes. In other words, we should make our own sacrifices. … Read More

The quirky and convenient kitchen

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The holidays are upon us. Who all is coming to visit? And just how full will your kitchen be? I’ve been thinking over ways to make the kitchen an easier place to be during this hectic time, and most of my ideas were basic. So, then I changed gears and thought, “What are some fun, quirky but practical ways to … Read More

Stuff the turkey and yourself, not your dining room design

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The holidays are back; after Halloween, they sort of hit like dominoes. During this time of year, almost every single room in the house is equally important. Having enough bathrooms and bedrooms for guests, a comfortable living room for entertaining, a spacious and functional kitchen and lastly, a dining room where everyone can gather to inhale substantial amounts of food … Read More