Sunroom Design Secrets

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In Texas, where it gets cold late and hot early, we have to come up with some ways to truly enjoy the outdoors without being miserable. We have these wonderful but small windows of time, which we take advantage of under our backyard pergolas and by the poolside mini bars, but what about those days when it’s not worth it to be outside? Along with outdoor studios, tree houses, and beautiful balconies, the sunroom is another great way to celebrate the outdoors without the sweat or shivers. An extension of the home, the sunroom brings the outside in – but not too much. Here are our top picks for how to use the sunroom.

Yoga Studio/Home Gym

For all you yogis, weight lifters or meditators: a peaceful, interruption-proof sunroom could be the ideal space for you to improve your physical, mental and spiritual well being. No one likes to be cooped up in a small, four-walled space, where they’re about to sweat. It can get claustrophobic and be uninspiring.

On the other hand, the public gym isn’t always a fun place to do your thing either; privacy doesn’t really exist in places like that. I don’t blame you; sometimes you just need to get Zen, and the sunroom gives you that personal space. It lets you stay inside but feel connected, with the option to open or close the windows, depending on the temperature.

Creative/Work Space

Calling all artists, writers, musicians and professionals: no more locking yourself up in the stuffy office or propped up on the living room couch with your tipped-over laptop. We spend enough time inside, as our jobs take up over half our lives. As humans, we need the outdoors to feel connected, even when we’re deep in our work. Sometimes, that quality-of-life factor can make us even more productive in our creative or professional lives.

So, set up the easel. Grab your guitar and notepad. Pick up your laptop. Venture out to the sunroom just far enough to get a break while you still have to work. For the creatives, use the space for inspiration. If you workaholics must work on a Saturday, at least you can watch the kids from the sunroom, listen to their laughter and be apart of their lives while not sacrificing crucial time-sensitive tasks.


The weather may not be the best, and you might need to stick around the house, but the kids shouldn’t be kept from play. Let the youngsters set up camp in the sunroom – literally and figuratively. With a fun play tent, makeshift forts, and imagination, give them the room to explore. Or, it could just be an organized space for the kids to store their toys and enjoy their games. Meanwhile, you can still keep them safe from the rain, sun, or simply from getting into something they shouldn’t without you around.

Date Night

The sunroom is a hotspot for a date night, especially if it’s a starry, starry night. Also, if the sunroom has a fireplace, use it. Otherwise, fill the space with candles, romantic drapes, and a cozy spot to retire to after you’ve finished your dinner at the sunroom dining table. This could be a fuzzy rug with blankets and pillows or a loveseat/sofa for cuddling.


It’s in the title: lounge. What better place to curl up and read a book or take a summer afternoon nap? With walls made of windows, the natural elements can surround you, and to whatever extent you’d like. Consider installing windows in all walls, except the one attached to the home, and maybe even a tented ceiling for natural lighting, rainy day snoozing, or star gazing.

Every home should have a place to retreat to simply rest. Although the bedroom is where you spend most of that sleepy time, you still need a separate, versatile space meant for the perfect cat nap or spa moment.

Moral of the Story

Treat yourself.

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