Remodeling Apps For Your Home Projects

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Our everyday lives, whether personal or professional, are in constant need of organization. That’s why we have lists, calendars, reminders, alarms and apps to get us through each day. Now, imagine how much more help a person needs during a chaotic remodel. In efforts to help clients stay as sane as they can through what can be a stressful and unorganized process, I have suggested various apps for them to utilize. I want to share those with you.

Choosing paint colors and other interior elements can be a struggle, especially when it’s hard to picture the items or colors in your own space. Apps like Adornably help individuals design and shop in one place. The app, which can be downloaded through the iTunes Store for free, allows homeowners to really see their designs via 3D photorealistic images. Simply take pictures of the space being remodeled and customize it with 3D furniture that is proportionate and set to scale. Furniture can also be purchased through the app, creating an easy, streamlined process.

Remodeling is a time for revamping, recycling and storing. In preparation for a remodel, your belongings must go somewhere; someone has to take it to the facility; and someone has to keep track of what is there. In addition, that someone must retrieve needed items when the time comes. Take a breather; Callbox Storage is that “someone.” Through the app, anyone can request a pickup for free. From there, Callbox crew itemizes and stores your belongings by photo inventorying and organizing each item in a secure, climate-controlled facility. When items are needed, Callbox brings them back based on your item selection through your online account. This just minimizes the number of steps during an already step-filled remodeling process.

On the not-so-pretty side of things, like home maintenance and finances, apps like HomeZada can help make it less painful. This cloud-based personal finance platform ensures that homeowners are insured, helps them maintain a moving list for potential moves and keeps up with all equipment, fixtures, appliances and more that must be maintained. Many people use the app to budget for remodels and remind themselves of the next item that needs maintenance. If a homeowner is spending hard-earned money on nice things for their home, such as appliances, it’s important to take care of them, saving money down the road. Not to mention, the home is our biggest asset and potentially our biggest problem if not monitored properly.

Of all the appliances and gadgets I’ve purchased over the years, I have never been good at keeping up with their associated paperwork or warranties. If I did, I’d have an entire filing cabinet full. Warranty receipts often fall to the wayside and get lost, especially amid a busy remodel. Unioncy, an automated “product management” inventory app, helps individuals keep track of information regarding their valuable possessions. By leveraging email receipts, the app keeps a valid and timely record of warranties and manuals per item. The products are organized into categories, and from there, the app retrieves relevant information from manufacturers and stores it all in one place. That includes updates, serial numbers, expiration dates, support, repairs and more. Right now, it’s available to Gmail and Google apps users.

At my construction company, we use a project management app called Buildertrend, which is a web-based system for home builders and remodelers. From project scheduling and project management to customer and service management, the app combines convenient services for all the elements of a remodel. We find it valuable in preventing errors and making the best and most cost-effective decisions for renovations. In turn, the team and homeowners remain organized during the project, minimizing the amount of potential stress, which is a primary goal.

Lastly, to maintain a good quality of life post-remodel, try an app like BrightNest, which is a household app that allows you to track and schedule chores. With everything else on the daily to-do list, this app reminds you what needs to be done, specifically catered to you, your home and your family. It offers customized tips, calendars and tools all aimed at keeping your daily life as smooth as possible.

It’s important that everything remains fair and organized, whether it’s during a remodel or everyday life. In such a fast-paced culture, we need all the help we can get.

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