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This week, I thought I’d take a moment to pull together some unique and interesting design ideas I’ve come across on Pinterest. We’re getting more creative these days, reusing and recycling materials, more specifically rustic woods and metals. Flooring, wall decor, ceilings and lighting are being transformed with radical design concepts. I’ll fill you in on some of my favorites, and well, ones that just caught my attention.

The first isn’t the most outrageous, but it’s certainly not the most common. We’re all used to seeing pergolas located in the backyard, over the patio, right? Well, it’s not just limited to behind the house; I’ve seen similar structures being extended from the garage, acting almost as a garage door awning. This isn’t the size of a normal pergola, but rather, one that has been cut short, serving the purpose of framing the garage and adding cottagey interest to the front of the house. The garage isn’t the most appealing part of the home to start with, but something like this, which can have greenery weaved throughout, could really add a lot of personality to the curb appeal.

Projected to be one of the hottest trends in 2017 is photographic wallpaper; meaning, wallpaper that is so realistic, you feel you’re actually in the surroundings that the wallpaper portrays. In other words, it’s becoming more common to see an entire wall look as if it’s a misty jungle, or just in the distance is the New York City skyline. Of course, this isn’t so commonly used on every wall, but moreso as a single focal point of the room (most often a bedroom). Who wouldn’t want to come home to a wall that makes you feel like you’re staring out of a large window into Rocky Mountain National Park? I imagine some great lighting, simple accents, and just the right window treatment could make it feel like you’re not in Kansas anymore.

I mentioned a version of this next one briefly last week, but lofts are becoming more and more popular. The loft I have in mind isn’t so much the attic, which is what I discussed in my last article, but instead a spot carved out or built in a room of high ceilings that acts as an elevated nook. Very eclectic and Bohemian, lifted lofts can also be functional. More people are starting to value their alone time by reading, having a cup of coffee and soaking up the rainy days, but they’re wanting the right place to do it. Window seats, hammocks, nooks and lofts are rising to the top of the trends lists, because it gives us just enough privacy for a fun, almost child-like getaway, while keeping us connected to the rest of the home. Lofts can also work as an extra “guest room;” just make sure it has a safe means of getting up and down, like a sturdy wooden ladder or actual steps from loft to ground level.

Though this really depends on if you’re building a house or doing some reconstruction, it’s not a bad idea to somehow incorporate a courtyard to the middle of your home. Courtyards, both large and small, can be an incredible addition. Safe and secure, they can allow natural light to permeate all areas of the house, provide easy garden access to those with a green thumb, and add aquarium-like interest to the home. Landscape it just right, add a fountain and some mood lighting, and you have a zen garden just a few feet away at all times (and maybe a nice private tanning spot, too).

Lastly, some quirky ideas I came across also included colored door frames, intricately arched ceilings and walkways, and odd (but interesting) lighting. For one or two doorways, I think some brightly colored frames could do a lot in bringing a certain spontaneity to the space. It not only divides the rooms well, but it quenches that need for color without going over the top. Of course, this all depends on the context and tone of the rest of the home. Be sure something this specific is rightly placed in a less seriously-themed house.

Arched ceilings are exactly as they sound: ceilings that are domed. This to me is quite formal and drastic, but if done right, can really define a house’s character. Not to mention, it’s just another fantastic way to add the illusion of more space, smoother lines, and opportunity for other arched or “domed” characteristics. For example, the doorways can also be arched, as well as any windows in the room or large pieces of furniture.

Pinterest sure is brave when it comes to lighting. I wouldn’t necessarily do all of these, but as someone who works among creatives, I found many of these pins to be intriguing. Using regular household items, many Pinterest-ers have created lighting fixtures that are fun and practical. For example, I’ve seen photos of rose gold whisks, cheese graters, and mason jars (more common than the others) used as hanging lights. With bulbs set in the centers of the utensils, these unique fixtures can be hung delicately over the kitchen or bathroom sink, or maybe over the table of a breakfast nook. The light shines through slits, holes, and slats and reflects off of the metal, creating a really nice shine that makes the room glow.

I know that all of these ideas are not for everyone, but that’s really the beauty of it. I think more and more people are finding their unique tastes and sharing them with the world. In turn, many are finding these ideas inspiring and beautiful, using them to improve and characterize their own environments. I encourage you to do the same.

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