Mother’s Day Remodel

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As Mother’s Day rolls around, our minds drift to the ones we love who raised us, the women who have sacrificed time, money and sleep to make us happy and healthy individuals. If there are ways to make a mother’s life easier and more enjoyable, we should consider making those changes. In other words, we should make our own sacrifices. Sometimes (a lot of the time) that comes in the form of lifestyle and/or home environment adjustments — a Mother’s Day Remodel.

Mother’s Day recognizes the hard work our moms put into every single day. A remodel in her honor is about taking a look at where and how she executes her tiring days. Does she spend a lot more time in the home office working, rather than cooking or laundry? Or does she handle the yard, patio and mudroom more? I know many women who spend time fretting over the state of the garage, wishing they had an organized space for tools and spare paint, baskets or other hardware and household items. Or does she do it all? And how can we make it better?

First of all, take on some of the chores, y’all.

But then, get down to the design aspect. Let’s talk about the mudroom; after all, it is considered a favorite among mothers, for obvious reasons. The perfect mudroom will incorporate many convenient elements for mothers, such as a direct entrance/exit to the garage, backyard or side of the house. It should have a large, lengthy bench with storage cubbies above and underneath, with coat racks and space for muddy shoes. Typically, depending on the size of the space, most moms also like this area to double as a laundry room, making it easier to destroy the mess before it spreads beyond the mudroom threshold. Take a hint from its name (“mudroom”), and make the floors hardwood or tile, as it makes cleaning a lot easier.

Moving on to the next very important room: the kitchen. The kitchen is a place to gather, eat, and bond, but many moms (or dads, depending on who is more so the family cook) see the kitchen as a workroom. If they’re going to be sweating to pull together a meal, then dragging their feet to clean it all up again at the end, it should be fully functioning, practical and yes, pretty. A spacious cooking area with long, durable counters made of a luxurious stone, ample storage space via large pantries and deep cabinet space, and a decently-sized dining room for holidays and family dinners are ingredients for a high-functioning kitchen that serves the cook. Not to mention, stainless steel, easy-to-use and high-tech appliances take time and stress off of our loved ones.

Moms should be a part of the party, even when they’re throwing together Kabobs. An open kitchen floor plan that keeps the communication open to the living room is a plus, because keeping everyone together is important, and it leaves room for change over time as the family grows.

As I lightly mentioned, storage is a huge benefit to moms. A growing family means an accumulation of items, but this can be a problem when there’s not an equal accumulation of space. Finding ways to use every corner, cupboard and nook for storage is a priority, not only because it can be stylish, but it’s functional and organized. Great storage comes in the form of built-ins, like pullout or revolving shelves, drawer organizers, floor-to-ceiling closet or pantry shelving, spacious walk-in closets, non-neglected attics (i.e. remodeled attics), cupboards or nooks under the stairs, and window seats with hidden storage under the bench or behind a bookshelf. Any of these are unique storage ideas that also add aesthetic value to the home, while minimizing stress for the one who’s trying to stuff the last quilt into the tiny hall closet.

For moms who spend a lot of time at the computer in the home office, really focus on making that room a place she can keep separate from the rest of the house — without actually being separated. Unless you have an unused shed out back that can be pleasantly transformed into a workspace or studio, consider making the home office a place where she can focus, but not feel disconnected. This balance comes from natural light, light and airy paint colors (for positivity and wakefulness), but not too much visual stimuli. Bookshelves filled with old/favorite books and albums, candles and stylish accessories, with simple furniture and a spot she can drift to for a coffee break will make her home office a slight getaway later when she needs it.

For Mother’s Day coming up, keep these design ideas in mind, and make sure our moms have what they want and need in their hard working lives.

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