On DIY Tile Installation

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Do It Yourself Tile Installations… DON’T DO IT!   Or this could be how you spend your evenings.   The DIY Shows and HGTV are incredibly entertaining and exciting to watch, but what is rarely made clear is that more can go wrong for the novice tile setter than can go right. Not to be down on your dreams of … Read More

On Glass Backsplash Preparation

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RIGHT! You Must Trowel the Thinset on, then float it. WRONG! You Cannot Simply Trowel the Thinset on as normal. The average tile setter may assume that glass tile gets thrown up on the wall like most ceramic tile…this could be the ruin of your backsplash. How to determine whether or not your tile setter is set apart from the … Read More

On Backsplashes

Sardone ConstructionDesign and Style

Two factors to think about when choosing a backsplash are style and design. One might think that the two are one, but I have laid many a backsplash lacking one or both. Many people are content to throw up some 2″ squares that match everything else in the house, while hoping that the next home owners will like it as … Read More

On the Tile Process

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What does a Shower Renovation Involve Anyway??? There are basics steps to Remodeling your shower that you may already know, like: * picking a tile * picking a design: shelves, bench, colors, accent,etc. * choosing a qualified tile setter … but there are others that are not so obvious: * Covering exposed area (bathroom, etc.) with plastic, as well as … Read More

How to not Die this Halloween! (from black mold)

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Black mold exists, it will show up pretty much anywhere water sits in a cool, dark, unventilated area – aka, in your shower walls, beneath your shower pan, etc. The problem with black mold is that it is toxic to breathe, not to mention that the areas that cater to mold also cater to termites. How to spot black mold … Read More

On Choosing a Tile That is Right for You!

Sardone ConstructionDesign and Style

Most people, when choosing a type of tile, have no idea what they want in a tile, other than the two basic things they think they’re suppose to have: something stylish and something that will last. But more important than that is picking a tile that will be LOW maintenance. Seriously, at the end of the day, people want a … Read More