Let’s Babble About Towers

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Like many of you, I just saw the new “Beauty and the Beast” and it gave me castle and tower fever. Though I’m not totally into the spire-look, I do respect a well-done tower. Not to mention, I love diving into interesting aspects of the home, especially those which are functional and charming. A theme I’ve unintentionally adopted over the … Read More

Southern Design In Mind

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As a southerner, I’ve found it intriguing over the years to see “southern design” at the top of trends lists for interior decorating — sometimes even exterior. When you think of a “proper southerner,” a few things may come to mind, such as hospitality, good home cooking or country-like scenery (on a broader scale, nature). These are thought of as … Read More

Smart Houses Use Solar Energy

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Spring is right around the corner, and with that comes longer days and more sun. I may not be a solar expert, but I do appreciate how going solar can benefit the homeowner and the Earth. When remodeling, especially the exterior, it’s the best time to consider installing solar panels. The installation should be either post-remodel or right before you … Read More

Sunroom Design Secrets

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In Texas, where it gets cold late and hot early, we have to come up with some ways to truly enjoy the outdoors without being miserable. We have these wonderful but small windows of time, which we take advantage of under our backyard pergolas and by the poolside mini bars, but what about those days when it’s not worth it … Read More

Remodeling Apps For Your Home Projects

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Our everyday lives, whether personal or professional, are in constant need of organization. That’s why we have lists, calendars, reminders, alarms and apps to get us through each day. Now, imagine how much more help a person needs during a chaotic remodel. In efforts to help clients stay as sane as they can through what can be a stressful and … Read More

Treehouse Design Treasures

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Let’s take a step back into childhood and think about our fantasies, dreams and make-believe games. My mind always wanders to tree houses, and not just the wooden platform suspended between a few low branches. I mean a four-walled, well-designed space floating amidst the trees. I thought I’d take some time to show you that, although tree-houses are usually meant … Read More

Involving Your Children In the Renovation Process

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When you think of fixing up the house or redoing the living room, you usually don’t consider the kids as part of the project. During a renovation, your attention may drift and stick to the task at hand, leaving the kids in the background. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: they can help, and it could be … Read More

Before You Walk Down the Aisle Consider A Backyard Remodel

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I was inspired when I saw so many couples at the recent Dallas Bridal Show looking around at the different vendors. I wondered, do these couples have somewhere to go home to post-honeymoon? If they do, great. But what shape is it in? Did they spend all their money on the wedding? Do they still have time to make some … Read More

Mastering A Romantic Master Bedroom Design

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When you get home at the end of the day, exhausted and ready to rest and spend time with your spouse, the last thing you want to face is an unpleasant environment. Not only does it take a toll on your attitude throughout the day, but it leaves no room for something to look forward to at the end. You … Read More

Consider A Backyard Wedding Getaway

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After having the pleasure to host a booth at the Dallas Bridal Show a couple of weeks ago, I felt inspired to put a spin on the remodeling process and discuss backyard weddings. The great thing about backyard weddings is that you get a mild remodel in the process. Or maybe not so mild, depending on the bride’s preferences. Regardless, … Read More