Treehouse Design Treasures

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Let’s take a step back into childhood and think about our fantasies, dreams and make-believe games. My mind always wanders to tree houses, and not just the wooden platform suspended between a few low branches. I mean a four-walled, well-designed space floating amidst the trees. I thought I’d take some time to show you that, although tree-houses are usually meant … Read More

Involving Your Children In the Renovation Process

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When you think of fixing up the house or redoing the living room, you usually don’t consider the kids as part of the project. During a renovation, your attention may drift and stick to the task at hand, leaving the kids in the background. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: they can help, and it could be … Read More

Before You Walk Down the Aisle Consider A Backyard Remodel

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I was inspired when I saw so many couples at the recent Dallas Bridal Show looking around at the different vendors. I wondered, do these couples have somewhere to go home to post-honeymoon? If they do, great. But what shape is it in? Did they spend all their money on the wedding? Do they still have time to make some … Read More

Mastering A Romantic Master Bedroom Design

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When you get home at the end of the day, exhausted and ready to rest and spend time with your spouse, the last thing you want to face is an unpleasant environment. Not only does it take a toll on your attitude throughout the day, but it leaves no room for something to look forward to at the end. You … Read More

Consider A Backyard Wedding Getaway

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After having the pleasure to host a booth at the Dallas Bridal Show a couple of weeks ago, I felt inspired to put a spin on the remodeling process and discuss backyard weddings. The great thing about backyard weddings is that you get a mild remodel in the process. Or maybe not so mild, depending on the bride’s preferences. Regardless, … Read More

Don’t Hide (from) The Garage – Consider A Conversion

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When a family is growing and needs to expand their space, it’s common to go for the attic or the basement. Well, I have a different idea: convert the garage. I’ve seen a lot of families over the years remodel their garage, as they weren’t even using it for car storage to begin with. The only garage space being used … Read More

Couples Remodeling: It takes two to make remodeling go right

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Editor’s note: The Dallas Bridal Show is Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 28-29 at Dallas Market Hall. Our weekly columnist, remodeling expert Stephan Sardone chimes in with considerations about life after the altar. This weekend is the Dallas Bridal Show and over the years we’ve seen happy couples, newlyweds included, suffer through the remodeling process and we just want to help. … Read More

Finding the Best Spots for Built-Ins

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The most essential part of any home is available storage — and a lot of it. It’s not always easy to create or expand a closet, nor is it convenient to take up extra space with protruding storage, such as trunks, dressers or other conspicuous units. The best way to utilize your negative space and make it functional is by … Read More

Time is right for mudroom makeover

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There’s nothing I love more than a small space made functional and fashionable. A lot of the time, small rooms are neglected or given up on, when they could be used for attractive storage, kitchen pantry convenience or even a mudroom. I’d like to focus on that last one: the mudroom. Not every house has a mudroom, but sometimes there … Read More

Getting Creative With Carpet Installation

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Hardwood floors may be the most popular choice for flooring, but I know that I’m still among many who love getting creative with carpet. That being said, I know there are best and worst places to put carpet, some of which I’d like to discuss. Carpet serves a functional and fashionable purpose for many rooms. Not only can it function … Read More