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The chasm between what you have and what you want may seem vast, especially in the realm of home remodeling. Exploring the sea of unknown architects, engineers, tradesman and interior designers can be exhausting. Attempting to do this on your own may leave that space undone even longer. This is not necessary.

Sardone Construction eliminates the unknowns and confidently guides you toward the successful completion of the customized space you are seeking. Bringing a level of knowledge and high quality service that provides superior solutions, the sea of unknown becomes a reliable plan. After a thorough consultation, Sardone Construction will help you build a plan for a successful remodel, leaving you with a detailed map outlining how each goal will be accomplished. In addition, other professionals will be brought in to analyze your needs to ensure the final product is one that will make you proud. Before a single hammer begins pounding away the old, you will know what to expect at every turn.

An award-winning team, Sardone Construction creates spaces in your home that are thoughtful, efficient, functional and lasting. Excellent at interpreting your needs and offering creative solutions, we offer a home renovation process with your very best interest in mind. The Sardone Construction team knows how important your home is to you and we promise to leave you wanting more. More time, that is, to enjoy the space that now best reflects you.

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The Sardone Experience

It’s time. You’ve stared at that space long enough.  By now you know it doesn’t suit you anymore. Perhaps it never did. The previous owners of your home didn’t share your tastes. Your growing family demands more room. The kitchen is uninspiring or your bathroom offers no reprieve. Certainly, we all want more space, but what we really want is to be inspired. We want our home to reflect who we are and what we value.  A kitchen not just for cooking but for creating masterpieces and serving people we love. A dining room not just for eating but for hosting and entertaining important friends in our lives. A bathroom not just for necessity but for renewal and refreshment. A bedroom not just for sleeping but for much needed rest and relaxation.

When you experience the Sardone difference you will wonder why you waited so long to live in the home you always wanted.

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Design Build Remodeling

+ Design Build

Everything your home remodel needs in one place. Save time and effort by letting us take your remodel from design to construction in one fell swoop.

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Consultation Services

+ Consultation Services

As an expert in renovation and design, Stephan Sardone can guide you to the best materials, color palettes, DIY solutions and re-designs you desire.

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Bathroom Remodeling

+ Bathrooms

The importance of a well-designed bathroom cannot be understated; it’s the first room you see in the morning and the last room you leave before you go to sleep.

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Smart Spaces Remodeling

+ Smart Spaces

Our ability to bring a small space to life is something that sets us apart from other construction and design firms. Let us breath new life into your home and create a Smart Space for you and your family.

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Kitchen Remodeling

+ Kitchens

The kitchen is the heartbeat to every home, a place to create, socialize and be with loved ones. Sardone Construction will work with you to create a space that is comfortable, sophisticated and practical.

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whole home renovation

+ Whole Home Renovation

Completely refreshing your home is a specialty of Sardone Construction. We’ll take you from concept to beautiful finish and track every step of the way. Contact us to learn more.

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